Metal Business Kards

What to Put on The Back of a Business Card

People focus so much on what they are going to want to put on the front of their business cards that they forget that there are two sides to the card both of which need to be thought about once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that business cards that have blank or featureless reverse sides are going to seem like they were made by some kind of amateur, and that will make you less than ideal for business colleagues who would otherwise have been more than happy to send some much needed capital investment your way.

You don’t have to get overly fancy when you are trying to have metal cards printed. The reverse of your cards can be relatively simple, and adding nothing but a logo to them can make them more attractive to the people that you hand them out to than might have been the case otherwise. Adding a logo to your card is truly crucial if you want it to do what you are hoping it will do, but the problem with this is that logos tend to take up a fair bit of space and you need to use most of the space on the front to add contact details and the like.

Metal Business Kards

Hence, putting the logo on the reverse end makes it easier to incorporate it into your card. You can center the logo in order to make it more prominent, or add it to the corner if you would prefer to add actual information to the back of your card if that is something that you find suitable.

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