Niharika's Film Suryakantham Telugu Movie Streaming on Aha OTT

Niharika’s Film Suryakantham Telugu Movie Streaming on Aha OTT

With the rapid advancement in digitization and technology, people prefer to see high-resolution videos or images nowadays. No one wants to watch a movie or episode of poor resolution quality as they are paying a considerable amount of money to watch it. If you’re a Telugu film lover, you must be looking for a platform that offers HD quality videos. If you want to eliminate this issue, the Aha app is the best OTT platform to stream movies online in the Telugu language. One of the recommended movies of Niharika, streaming on Aha, is:


It is a Telugu romantic drama movie focused on the life of a confused girl who has commitment issues. This movie was released at the end of March 2019 across the theatres and is now available on the best OTT platforms for Telugu films. The movie is directed by PranithBramandapally, a well-known director of this film industry. The movie is produced by two American-based people: SundeepYerramreddy and SrujanYarabolu, under their production banner of Nirvana Cinemas. The cinematography of this film is done with great attention and effectiveness by the renowned cinematographer, Hari Jasthi. On the other hand, RavitejaGirijala has amazingly edited the video contents of this film. With the talents of the music composer Mark K. Robin, this film produced great song tracks.

The movie starred exceptionally good and fine actors and actresses of the industry to match the role of their characters. Some of the casts are Rahul Vijay as Abhi, PerleneBhesania as Pooja, SuhasiniManiratnam as Supriya, Suryakantham’s mother, Satya as Sunny, Sivaji Raja as Abhi’s father, Madhumani as Abhi’s mother, NayaniPavani as Meera, Suryakantham’s friend, Koteshwar Rao as Pooja’s father and so on. Here is a basic storyline about the movie that you must know:

The story is about a simple, loving, and caring guy named Abhi who falls in with a girl. The girl’s name is Suryakantham. She is a happy, jolly, cheerful yet confused and unpredictable girl with a severe fear of commitment. When Abhi gathers the courage in himself and proposes to Suryakantham, she gets confused and scared. Her commitment phobia gave Abhi heartbreak as she left him and went missing in the middle of everything for more than a year.

With great difficulty and time, Abhi eventually succeeded in forgetting her memories. After a year, he moves on with his life and meets another girl named Pooja. He decides to marry and settle down with her. But in the second half, Suryakantham comes back into the life of Abhi, and things take a significant turn of events from here.

What should Abhi do now? Did he ever manage to forget Suryakantham? Will he marry Pooja or Suryakantham? To know these answers, go and download the Aha app and explore the complete Suryakantham movie online on your laptop or mobile screen with high-resolution video quality. You can watch many more Telugu movies the film on this platform without any inconvenience of buffering.

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